Hi-Tek Supercoat Hard Cast Lead Bullets

Based out of Grafton, North Dakota, we here at Prairie Fire Arms, Inc. specialize in hard cast lead bullet casting and are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. Our number one priority is to provide you with a top quality bullet using 92:6:2 lead alloy with a Brinell hardness of 16. We manufacture smokeless Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets for everyone from the USPSA/IPSC shooter, right down to the everyday recreational plinker. The standard hard cast lead projectile with a wax based lubricant has finally met it’s match! These slick sided bullets are coated with a liquid based coating and then baked in an industrial oven. Hi-Tek Supercoat is tough as nails, sticking to hard cast lead bullets even after it is shot through a rifled barrel! Hi-Tek acts as your lubricant, but doesn’t smoke like the traditional waxed lube grooved bullets do. The best part? No more cleaning lead particles out of your barrel or wax out of your reloader! Hi-Tek Supercoat eliminates the problem of lead fouling as it won’t strip off the bullet, protecting your barrel from ever having to come in contact with lead. The cleanest bullets on the market, our smoke free Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets will have you shooting more and cleaning less!